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CCleaner Professional Plus 5.50 Keygen quimar




Now available in Windows and macOS: All year long, Windows users can take advantage of an all-new app, CCleaner 5.50, that includes smart options to keep their Windows PCs running fast and clean. The old version - CCleaner 5.40 - is also now available for macOS users and is packed with over 80 new features, more than 1,000 new optimizations and bug fixes, and a brand new interface and user experience. This release also includes a large number of fixes and improvements and the option to hide the Start Menu entry on Windows 10. With all these changes, CCleaner 5.50 is the most powerful and fully featured CCleaner to date.In this release, we also added a brand new option to keep your program installations and settings as clean as possible. With CCleaner 5.50, you can now run CCleaner and make sure that no program is left behind. If you have any application or program installed, you can run CCleaner to ensure that the program settings are kept clean and any remaining programs or settings are removed. Installed programs will remain hidden to the user and can be safely removed if needed.Version 5.50: New Apps or Webs to Try: CCleaner is now fully compatible with Windows 10. CCleaner 5.50 includes new fixes and improvements to ensure that CCleaner will run smoothly on all Windows 10 versions. Disable Feature Access Optimization: The new Disable Feature Access Optimization option will help to protect you from malicious applications that may be trying to access your data and device. By disabling it, you can avoid getting suspicious pop-ups, unauthorized software and other scams from third-party vendors that try to get your personal data or other sensitive information. A new Section for Web-based Applications: This new section allows users to find information about an application they use regularly and will help users who want to clean out all data of a web-based application. The Windows Installer Cleanup functionality has been renamed to Windows Repair: This new functionality is more suited for users who want to clean up their PCs after they have installed new programs, updated drivers, or had problems with Windows Updates. With Windows Repair, you can remove old or corrupted files, empty temporary folders, and clean up the registry and repair missing and broken system files. Windows Repair will also locate and remove any orphaned Windows components. By default, the new Windows Repair option will clean up




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CCleaner Professional Plus 5.50 Keygen quimar

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